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10011 S. Centennial Pkwy #525

Sandy, UT 84070

At Intermountain Smiles, Dr. Young is committed to staying current with dental technology, materials, education and techniques that provide the best results after carefully researching them and selecting those that are in patients' best interests. A few examples are:

Digital x-rays

The ability to detect dental disease and use the least amount of radiation has become a necessity.


Digital radiography reduces exposure to x-ray radiation by 75 to 90%. One of the greatest advantages is the ability to view each image at greatly increased size over a traditional piece of x-ray film.  This allows for earlier detection of dental disease, better doctor to patient communication and patient education.


In 1999 Intermountain Smiles was the first dental office in the Western United States to incorporate a digital Panorex system by Schick Technologies. We stay up-to-date to provide the best care for you.


Conebeam technology allows us to obtain a 3D x-ray image, similar to a CT scan. This is helpful in planning and placement of dental implants, among many other benefits.

Digital Black and White x-ray
Enhanced x-ray image

Intraoral cameras

One of the best modern diagnostic tools and least utilized by dentists. If your dentist isn't using one, chances are that problems are going undetected.


Intraoral cameras allow you to see what the dentist sees, but enlarged 20 times or more. It also allows us to do a more thorough and detailed exam as early warning signs are more easily seen, such as cracks, decay and open margins. This allows for treatment before problems become painful or more invasive.


Cone beam

Placement of dental implants requires a new approach - the use of cone beam technology provides a 3D view of dental anatomy, allowing for proper planning and placement of implants.


Cone beam technology also aids diagnosis and treatment of endodontic (root canal) procedures, TMJ disorders, and many other dental concerns.

3D x-ray imaging with cone beam technology

Dental loupes

Proper diagnosis begins with being able to see clearly. These mini-microscopes greatly improve the treatment you're able to receive.


Magnifying the oral field with dental loupes allows Dr. Young to clearly see detail that provides you with the best treatment. It's a simple piece of equipment, but invaluable when it comes to providing the best care.

Dental magnification loupes

Digital scanner

Gone are the days of using messy impression material that fills your mouth. New digital scanners replace traditional impression taking by creating a 3D model of your teeth. This allows for precise placement of restorations, and a better patient experience.

3D printer

Combining 3D cone beam CAT scans with a digital scanner allows us to generate 3D models for planning, treatment and more! This is 21st century dentistry at work!

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